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This site was created as a hub to bring all the key websites on vitamin B12 deficiency together in one place.

Once in a while life throws something our way which is completely impossible to ignore. I was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency in 2012 and the profound lack of knowledge of this condition inspired me to join others in raising awareness of this very common but little known, life threatening deficiency.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to both Sally M. Pacholok R.N. and Pat Kornic and for their help and support in creating this website.

Following my diagnosis my quest for information led me to some excellent sites, journals, articles and support groups, it also led me to some grossly incorrect and potentially damaging information. This site originates in the UK and holds information peculiar to the NHS. However, this site aims to give those diagnosed with B12 deficiency and health professionals a direct route to excellent, informative sites and support groups as well as basic information wherever they are in the world. I know that there are some with this condition who are treated for B12 deficiency excellently, but this is not always the case.

Many with this condition remain undiagnosed or indeed misdiagnosed. Many who are diagnosed remain unwell and desperately under treated. Health professionals are often completely ignorant of the many symptoms of this condition and of the harm they do to patients by not treating adequately or correctly. The arrogance of health professionals who refuse to listen to patients who have correctly identified their own B12 deficiency is astounding.

The flawed B12 serum test is usually the only tool used in the UK to diagnose a B12 deficiency. This test has a range set so low it excludes severely deficient patients. In order to diagnose correctly, the lower end of the range must be lifted in order to stop serious damage occurring in those who are symptomatic.

The out dated and inadequate guidelines currently used by the NHS and other agencies around the world - need an overhaul. Patients with this condition require administration of vitamin injection costing just 55p, however some doctors behave as though this essential vitamin is a dangerous narcotic. Some doctors fail to realise that B12 injections will be required for life and at a higher frequency than current guidelines state. Some doctors mistakenly prescribe only oral B12 tablets which are completely useless unless the deficiency is dietary. Many with this condition have to resort to self treatment and purchase their B12 vials from France, Germany or Spain, where it is legally sold over the counter. Faced with a doctor who refuses to treat adequately, self injecting often is the only route to health. If you want to see how some of us are treated by 'specialist's' please head straight for the Letters page.

You will know someone who is affected by this deficiency but the chances are, it will have been given another name.

I hope you find the site useful.

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